About us

Created in 2013 by Paco Flores-Kiejda, the aim of the blog was to share reviews of mainly crime and espionage thrillers, but it became one of those corners where new readers and other users would find something interesting for themselves.

Enrique Fernandez joined the effort in 2019 to add his massive knowledge and experience on social media as well as his own impressions of his reads and with that, giving a new and wider scope to the blog.

Now, simplyreaders has been re-born with a fresh and friendlier interface. We hope that you will enjoy our content and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.
Happy reading!


Paco Flores-Kiejda

As a lifetime avid reader and still paving his way on the writing world, Paco decided few years ago to embrace the challenge of writing the review of those books that left an impression on him. With the time, he learned that there is no bad book but a book for everyone. His taste for reading has been broadening with the time. Whilst he was a huge fan of espionage at the beginning; historical, forensics and crime, cold war, sci-fi, cyberpunk, horror and even legal thrillers (the latest thanks to Enrique) started to fill his shelves in no time. He can hardly rank his favourite authors now although indisputably Robert Ludlum and Ian Fleming are the pillars of his passion for reading. On the other hand, he will jump into every new instalment of Scott Mariani, Tess Gerritsen, John Broughton, Frederick Forsyth and Tom Rob Smith like a wolf on the neck of its pray.


Enrique Fernandez

He never liked reading as a kid, actually, he hated it. But everything changed when he was 13 and a book caught his eye: John Grisham’s “The Runaway Jury”. Since that moment, he can’t have a break from reading. He loves thrillers – maybe too much. To Enrique, it’s very enjoyable to search for the killer, to feel the police insecurity or to share the shock of finding out the truth.

In this blog, Enrique will share just honest reviews of the books he reads. No sugarcoating. If you disagree, tell him about it and debate about the passion we share here: books.