Small clues save you. Small errors, kill.

No doubt that all fans of James Bond books were waiting for this book and I don’t know anyone disappointed.

As I said in previous reviews, to read Deaver’s work is a sure bet. But this books is more than that because we are talking about one of the most famous characters in the world of spies and international conspiracies and at the same time, we know that it is about one of the best, if not the best, writters ever.

Bond written by Deaver gives a precious result: a revitalised and full of new tricks 007 agent.

Combating evil sometimes requires a suspension of accepted values.

Following the track of an apparently isolated event in Serbia, Bond finds himself in a very difficult situation when M puts him to work shoulder to shoulder with a police detective, Osborne, who can’t wait to take a big slice of the cake of the glory. The Carte Grise is like walking in mud with new shoes, and despite the fact that Bond is always ready to face any kind of situation and its context, definitely is better to do it with the best style. Luckily for Bond, the track will take him out of home when his ‘powers’ are far wider and abundant.

Helped by an attractive, smart and always good observer of the law agent, Bond will need all his luck, skills and charming to win the race against the menace of a mass murder.

Keep an eye on: all the descriptions of areas in Cape Town, London, Serbia, etc. Also the dialogs and comments during the narration which let us breathe and smell the particular personality of Bond.

The waiter mentioned that the steaks were typically served with exotic sauces […] But Bond declined them all. He believed that steaks had flavour enough of their own…

Deaver writing Bond makes me think about perfect possible combinations for other characters: Jason Bourne with Jeremy Duns, for example.

A read-before-you-die.

ISBN: 9781444716474