Here we are again. During this lockdown I have been hooked to Chris Carter’s novels and I loved it. This is the first time where Carter creates a follow up novel from a character on any os his previous books, but I agree with him bringing back Lucien. He is a bad ass serial killer and he deserved a second coming into Chris Carter’s world.

On this novel, Lucien scapes from jail, killing everyone in a gruesome way, his way. This alert our Robert Hunter and the hunt starts!

As Michael Jordan very famous quote on The Last Dance, Lucien escalade into violence and Robert Hunter’s quest to catch him, “became personal”.

When a perturbed serial killer wants to hurt somebody to kill him alive, that’s when the story turns shadier than ever and you can feel the pain of Hunter. Lucien is still Lucien, and he wants to administer pain to as many people as he possibly can, but everything he does, every person he targets is never random, it got a purpose: Robert Hunter.

This novel is another page-turning book which will make all Chris Carter fans so happy, and I’m one of them.

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Very recommendable

ISBN: 1471179567