Have you ever had a situation or memory that left a deep mark in your life? Do you carry any experience with you that has turned into a burden?
If you would ask me, likely I would answer affirmatively. Probably the point is, how each of us manage such episodes of our past: to learn and overcome, to grieve, to grow…
Former detective Jon Nunn will live a life full of remorse after the Rosemary Thomas’ case. A woman condemned to the death penalty for the murder of her husband Christopher. With all the evidence pointing at her, little doubt left that the humiliated wife of the successful curator and cheeky womanizer has taken revenge for the years of mistreat and embarrassment and was guilty. But, was she?
With nothing to lose after a career in freefall that left him with empty pockets and living by the day, Nunn will look to uncover the truth in this cold case. He will find that not everybody manages the guilt in the same way and, whilst some may hide, some others will simply move on and enjoy themselves and their wealth.
When I saw this book whilst browsing on the net, I felt compelled to get it provided the list of amazing authors those that participated in this project. Many of them already in my bookcase, such as: Katy Reichs, Jeffery Deaver, Tess Gerritsen (one of my star authors), Diana Gabaldon, Jeff Abbott, Mathew Pearl and David Baldacci.
It is hard to give a short description of the plot – at least for me – without giving away too many details of the story. But what I can definitely say is that there is no possible way to find out the truth behind the finding of the rotten human remains in the iron maiden at the German Historial Museum.
All the rest is for the reader to discover in this remarkable literary work coordinated by Andrew Gulli.
In a different note, I would like to mention that all profits from this book are sent to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Very recommendable.
ISBN: 9781471103957