Espionage is one of the most difficult genres to master. The amount of information required to make it believable, the difficulty to describe the action scenes without be redundant, the idealisation of the characters or the pace are some of the challenges the writer has to face, especially in an era where we have plenty of access to daily news that, in some cases, sounds more a serie B movie rather than factual news.
Few days ago I was snooping around in my Waterstones app and I found this novel: Deep State by Chris Hauty. I have to say that I didn’t know the writer and I didn’t read any review on this work (or any other), but after reading the sinopsis I was hooked.
The premise of one intern trying to stop the assassination of the American President was enough for me to purchase the book. I thanked my intuition once again.
Without giving away any spoiler, the main character has that, character, an ironclad determination and in no part of the story you can really read her completely. Absolutely a cracking job.
The story could sound predictable and well known, which somehow it is but Hauty includes so many twists over twists that is like a rollercoaster.
Some of the twists are more believable than others, but everyone of them make sense in the story line. 
If Netflix announces that this novel will become a series I won’t be surprised at all.
To recap, if you want to have few hours of utterly political corruption, rattlesnakes behaviour in the viper nest of Washington, this novel is for you.
Buy the book, read it and enjoy it.
Very recommendable.
ISBN: 9781471185632