I’ll start this post by quoting one of my favourite Sci-fi authors, Isaac Asimov, who wrote more than once in his book ‘The Foundation’ (1951): “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent”. Although the context for this phrase was interplanetary diplomacy, Asimov’s statement is applicable pretty much on everything and ‘Big Klan Attack!’ echoes it when it comes to racism.

Marlon Haynes is a young Afro-American man who went through a traumatic experience when younger in the mid-sixties witnessing the murder of his two brothers. His life will go all the way down to alcoholism and anti-social behaviour and will become homeless eventually.

In this circumstances, he will be rescued from his free-fall by some acquaintances that eventually will involve him in a small underground group decided to fight the KKK.

As a continuation of his first comic book work, ‘The Nigger Lover’ (2018), Mr. Socially Awkward will take us now to the early 70’s in a small town in Tennessee, where Marlon will need to choose between his own moral principles against violence and the opportunity to take action regardless the means.

With a well elaborated and mature storyline, Mr. Socially Awkward puts on the table some topics that, unfortunately, has not been discussed enough and, although it is rampantly taking place on the political and social stage, it has yet a long way to go: equity, respect and the use of violence. Alongside, Matteo Meloni gives live to the story with solid art that is brilliantly achieved.

Although the first pages give enough background, I would suggest to read the first instalment for a better understanding as well as the rest of the writing work from Mr. Socially Awkward that it is available online, both with Apple Books and Google Play.

From here, my gratitude to Mr. Socially Awkward, who allowed me to follow closely the elaboration of ‘Big Klan Attack!’ and for that I feel honoured.

Very recommendable.

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