I received this recommendation since I am a big fan of John Broughton’s work. After all, he is, indisputably, the best on thrillers about the dark ages. With that in mind and no second thoughts I dove into the pages of Elfrid’s Hole.

Our main character, Jake Conley, is on the quest to write a novel about King Aldfrith. He was diagnosed with synesthesia after a serious accident on the street. Due to this, Jake develops certain skills that most of people would take for special super powers. His research will lead him to Ebberston on the NE and from there, a series of unfortunate events will be take place.

What did I like the most of this thriller?

I’ll make a comparison with a specific Mexican sauce named “mole” (moh – leh). This delicious recipe has its origins in the prehispanic period long before Mexico would exist as a united nation. Its recipe comprises corn, sesame, chocolate, chile (several and different types) and some other ingredients. Altogether, will take you to a journey of tastes, starting with sweet, passing through bitter and then, giving you hell on your tongue.

Well, now imagine a narration that sets you in a hospital with our character being assessed after his accident and the consequent diagnose. Then, comes the psychic bit and later the whole story becomes a crime thriller. All the ingredients delicately seasoned with a base of archaeology and sprinkled with details of the dark ages. Need to say more?

I did enjoy this read and I must confess that more than once I was ready to jump into any university that can offer me the full degree on archaeology to start straight away.

Very recommendable.
ISBN: 9781698661377