Political books have a strange attraction in the population, that many novels don’t have. You already have an opinion about the issue when you start reading the book. You read to support your opinion or to be more knowledgeable about one particular issue, but normally don’t read adverse books that could challenge your already made up thoughts.
Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a writer or author that could write about one issue without putting his own personal beliefs into it.
Michael Lewis is brilliant at that. He presented an important issue, The transition of powers between two administrations, Obama and Trump’s.
The Fifth Risk (2018) is about what happened there, how massively important departments, like Science or Energy, where run after 2016 Trump’s take over. 
Scary, eye-opening, frightening – you choose the adjetive to describe this.
I’m alien to American politics in many ways, I don’t live there and, I have no plans to do so. USA is simply a country that doesn’t attract me to settle down, I will visit as a tourist and that’s it. My vision before reading this book was clearly supported by Micheal Lewis work.
Things could be easy, could be difficult, could be challenging and then comes Trump’s way.
The Fifth Risk will put you in perspective on what the government really do for you as a tax-payer, how their departments really affect your life. It doesn’t matter which country do you life, this book will put some clarity on that.
I have to admit that I am a big Michael Lewis fan, from Moneyball to Flash Boys. This book will remain in my library for many years to come.
If you are political minded – you need to read this.
ISBN – 978-0-141-99142-9