Let’s start with the fact that I’m a big fan of J.K Rowling alter ego Robert Galbraith. Previously to this one, I have read all the novels from his Cormoran Strike Collection and I simply love every single one of them.

Before the publication to ‘Trouble Blood’ it was a Social Media blackish for her comments on transgender woman as she claimed that a woman is the one who can menstruate. Rowling is not wrong from the biological point of view. The bad press and critics received, which in my opinion it’s a great reflection of the society we are living. You can express your opinion, only if you agree with the mass. If you say something different, your opinion is not respected and you’re called things like ‘bigot’ or ‘transphobic’.

Many people, in GoodReads for example, rated her novel with just one star before the book was published, that’s might not be bigotry but it’s utter ignorance. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about social issues, and her opinion is as valid as any other person. I’m here to speak about her latest novel.

Moving out of this topic, the latest adventure of Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott is another great example of well developed narrative with a crime happened 40 years ago, a serial killer and a broken family. Apart from the usual side stories of Robin love life and Strike issues with his dad, which make this book even more enjoyable.

At the beginning I was a little bit concerned with the length of this novel, 927 pages. I had never read a book that long, but it’s worth it. Could be the book be shorter? Probably it could be. Would I rate this book in a negative way for its length? Absolutely not.

When you need to explain certain topic within a novel, you need space, you need dialogues, you need time to reflect. Robert Galbraith put some many issues on the table, cold crime, domestic violence, drugs, prostitution, harassment, abuse, poverty and fight of classes.

All of them are controversial, difficult to handle and more in a crime novel. Galbraith put you over the edge about the violence without a since scene of real violence, but it’s there, you can feel the pain of the characters, the disdain of the police, the arrogance of the criminals. All there, in these 927 pages.

It’s necessary that author write about these issues to make the society reflect on them, feel the victim pain, their families pain, the agonising decades of waiting to find a body to be buried. That pain is masterfully written in this novel.

For all these reasons, I can only praised this book and recommend it to all of you.

Remember we are in a national lockdown in England, you have many hours to kill at home, this book will help you to go through this in style.

ISBN – 9780751579932